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Welcome to Asé

Greetings Lights!

What a year right?!​ I hope everyone is safe, healthy and balanced!

Well I am preparing to open Asè Holistic Health back up!  I am so excited and I hope that you are as well. 

As some of you may know my husband and I recently moved and my office is now in our home.  We moved to the west side of Hamilton, Ohio. 

Along with the move I will be offering some amazing new services!

Sauna Therapy

Aqua Therapy

Movement Therapy

I'm so excited to get back to my life's calling of assisting people on their healing journeys to help them flourish!  

If you are feeling off balance prior to your appointment, I ask that you reschedule. 

We have some Great Small Business Saturday Specials!!!

"Keep It Movin' Baby" Children's Holistic Health Program coming soon!! 

Check our Events page for updates!

 Make sure you follow me on social media! My IG is AseSadaqa and GoddessQueenSadaqa.

Keep an eye on the Events page!!

What the mind forgets, the body remembers.....

Our Services 

Browse our services below

Distance Reiki Sessions

This session is just like a regular in person session however you are in the comfort of your home and I will be in my office sending the Reiki energy to you!

 Reiki Sessions 

Let us balance your energy with a Reiki session.  Reiki is a hands on modality working with the energy in your body.

Spiritual Guidance/Holistic Counseling/Life Coaching/Pour Out Sessions

Holistic Counseling is an approach which helps clients to heal by taking the entire human being and their life experiences into consideration for assessment and treatment purposes. ... Some use the title Holistic or Spiritual Counselor, Life Coach, etc.